About Us

Welcome to PartyPants: the happiest pants in the world!


Our Story

In 2012, the three of us were heading to Sziget, a huge festival on an island in Hungary. We wanted to wear ourselves a pair of house / techno pants that used to be popular in the 80s and 90s. I mean, when you're going to a summer festival, what could be better than wearing pimped out pajama pants all day long?!?

We literally looked everywhere. We tried about a dozen vintage stores. We searched the world wide web. We even trashed a few garbage cans out of pure desperation before we learned the terrible truth: The pants we were looking for were nowhere to be found.

How could this be? Doesn’t anyone wear house pants to festivals anymore?

We decided that this could not be the end. So from that day onwards we’re on a mission to create the ultimate pants to wear to festivals, parties or any other event that makes you happy! 


What to expect of a PartyPants:

  • Ultra thin: PartyPants are literally the ultimate festival pants. They’re ultra thin, so you’re never sweating it during the day. Then again, they’re tall, so you’re never freezing it when you go home at night either. Nice.

  • Awesome retro prints: We only select the most awesome retro prints we can find that make us happy. Think M.C. Esher (not Hammer) meets African Bob.

  • 100% cotton: There’s always someone holding a smoke too close to your clothes during a party or festival. This time your pants won’t light on fire, we promise.

  • Ultra deep pockets: There is nothing worse than having shitty pockets during a festival, we know. PartyPants therefore have ultra deep pockets so you can carry around all the junk in the world.



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