Red Rocker (skinny) **NEW** - Limited Africa Edition


He has his moves ready for action and will battle you in the Arena!. It's the Red Rocker! 


The Red Rocker is a member of our new series of limited Africa Edition pants! These pants are all hand-made in Ghana by local tailors. Since we use locally purchased fabrics, we can only guarantee a limited stock (which means that your exclusiveness rating is off the chart!). 

Oh and did we mention that we donate 10% of the sales price to dance4life? 

...why? Because not only do we want to make you party and smile, but by doing so, we want to give someone else in Africa a reason to dance, smile and be happy too. And that would make PartyPants truly the happiest pants in the world.

Please check for more information.


Style: Skinny 

Size info:

Small: if you're smaller than 1.72m

Medium: if you're between 1.72-1.82m

Large: if you're taller than 1.82m 

Sold Out

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