Giorgio Travels: part 1 June 25 2014

This is the story about a little guy, who lives in a dream world, surrounded by pure happiness and beauty. Not much is known about this little guy, called Giorgio. Only that he travels the world and comes at places where oranges grow from every tree and people brush their teeth with champagne.    It is this dream world, that is narrated by Giorgio, Giorgio Travels. 

I hear screaming, cheering, interspersed with cursing. Wow what an emotions do these people have. And then I see dancing. Drinking. Even more drinking. And finally, intensive celebrating. I came to a weird place this time! They call it Amsterdam and it’s in the midst of the World Cup football in Brazil.  I crossed the canal and now I am surrounded by these crazy Dutch in a big hall stuffed with as many couches as possible. They are celebrating their qualification for the next round. I start a chat with one of the fans. Football is always an easy icebreaker. We drink a couple beers together and before I know it, it’s far past bedtime. I ask the name of this fellow before we split up. 

“The General”, he says. 

“Giorgio Travels, it was nice meeting you…General.”