Giorgio Travels: part 1 June 25 2014

This is the story about a little guy, who lives in a dream world, surrounded by pure happiness and beauty. Not much is known about this little guy, called Giorgio. Only that he travels the world and comes at places where oranges grow from every tree and people brush their teeth with champagne.    It is this dream world, that is narrated by Giorgio, Giorgio Travels.  I hear screaming, cheering,...

Fisherman's Frenzy May 20 2014

It's one of these days. Senses of spring flying through the open window are causing jitters in your nose. You're embracing an empty agenda and reluctantly decide to enter the daylight. With a hint of hesitation you step out of the door into the happiest city of the world: Amsterdam. And then it happens! Miracles do exist! You're just walking around for a minute and there he is. One of...

New season. New PartyPants. May 14 2014

Hi there!    Welcome to our brand new website. To kick off the summer better than ever we've made some improvements this year. Not only the website has changed, but also the fit and patterns of our Pants. They are sexier, slimmer and happier than you could have ever imagined. Our mission is clear: making the happiest pants in the world.     Summer is calling, so put on your...
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